Becca Peters

BECCA PETERS is a therapist in private practice and an educator and consultant in Mindfulness and Compassion Training for public and private organizations. 

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Becca consults with public and private organizations that are interested in offering Mindfulness & Wellness tools to employees and administrators as a way to strengthen the well-being of the organization. She works with leaders to create a plan specific to the unique needs of the company focusing on individual and company culture development. Becca utilizes evidence-based tools and strategies to support the existing mission statement and to illuminate new pathways for stress-reduction, ease, and cultural wellness in the workplace.

For information on private , corporate, organizational consultations or speaking engagements please email Becca Peters at

Photo Credit: City Home Collective

Photo Credit: City Home Collective

Becca Peters, LSCW is an educator in Mindfulness, Meditation, Compassion + Self-Compassion

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