Becca Peters

BECCA PETERS is a therapist in private practice and an educator and consultant in Mindfulness and Compassion Training for public and private organizations. 

“After participating in the Mindful Self-Compassion course I have started to work out, I meditate every night, I finally got my 12-year old son out of our room and he is using meditation to cope with his own fears, when I start to feel anxious I subconsciously put my hand over my chest and it reminds me to relax and I am letting go of feelings of anger and wrapping my head around being grateful for my life.”


Mindful Self-Compassion Class participant


"I’m really not a guy who would talk about his feelings much, but I found a safe place to talk about some really hard stuff. Becca made it possible for me to be vulnerable, talk about my needs, and my fears. Most of which, I didn’t know I was holding in. She has helped me find some peace and I’ve found a little more of myself along the way. That’s a pretty good feeling! Thanks Becca!”


"Becca Peters was instrumental in planting the mindfulness seed here at Rowland Hall and was an invaluable resource as we began introducing mindfulness to faculty, staff, and students. That seed has now blossomed into mindfulness lessons being taught in several lower school classrooms. It has been inspiring hearing how staff and students are finding ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into their every day lives. Thank you Becca!"

-Chuck White

Emotional Support Counselor, Rowland Hall

"I have been a recreational meditator for almost 4 years, but the combination of Becca's loving and enlightened guidance and the energy of the group really grew and grounded my practice. My meditations in the morning and mindful moments have come to encompass more of my daily living than I've experienced before."

-Jen A.

Mindfulness Class Participant

"I have so much gratitude that I took the class. Some of the things that I value include having a safe place each week where we allowed each other to be vulnerable, learning how to be more present, feel a greater sense of peace and finding connections and friendships in a few short weeks with others and having a gifted and talented guide who bravely led us through the experience. One nugget that I have from the class that hit me very hard was one night when Becca said that mindfulness is not about the mind, it's about the heart. Wow! This was a big shift for me. Although I learned how to sit with my feelings and not listen to every thought that comes, I cherish knowing that this work is about my heart...and I have a great deal of it to do. Thanks to Becca and everyone in the class!"


"I've known Rebecca for a few years now in her capacity as a therapist for members of my family and for myself. I've also taken a series of classes she has taught in the practice of mindful awareness. I say without reservation that Rebecca is an excellent therapist—intelligent, intuitive, skillful and professional. She has been an enormous help to our family and you will be in the best hands if you become one of her clients."

-Therapy Client and MAPS Workshop Attendee

"I signed up for the session thinking of it in terms of being something for my personal health and growth, without really thinking about how I could apply the concepts and practices to my job. But, I came away with both!

For me, personally, it reminded me that I am already a mindful person and the benefits to being that. Professionally, I can use the techniques provided when I am interacting with challenging patron behavior or a difficult situation among co-workers."


Corporate Mindfulness Presentation Attendee

The mother of a teen client shared: "We were in the car together and he said, "Wasn't 2012 a great year?" Then he said..."Do you know why? Because I went to Rebecca and now my anxiety is gone...and, if it does come back, I know how to deal with it." We are both so grateful with how you were able to help him, and in such a small amount of time. Thanks for all you have done for us. You are wonderful at what you do."

-Therapy Client

"Recently, Rebecca Peters led a Mindfulness & Meditation workshop for the City Library Staff on a day of staff training at the Main library. The library staff appreciated having the opportunity to take time out of a work/training day to meditate and learn mindfulness practices which they could use at work and in their daily lives." Through Rebecca's guidance those new to meditation and mindfulness practices and those who were seasoned practitioners enjoyed experiencing peaceful and calming practices toward compassionate living and well being."

-Barbara Chavira

Librarian, Salt Lake City Public Library

"I thought that this was one of the most useful trainings thus far in my career. With all the evidence-based research available to our society on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, I think this could be implemented on a quarterly basis and we would benefit tremendously especially if we also teach the people in the community we serve these skills! I was extremely impressed with the grace at which Becca provided the information and skills necessary to implement into our daily lives! Bravo!!"

-Participant in a private corporate training

Becca Peters, LSCW is an educator in Mindfulness, Meditation, Compassion + Self-Compassion

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