Becca Peters

BECCA PETERS is a therapist in private practice and an educator and consultant in Mindfulness and Compassion Training for public and private organizations. 


BECCA PETERS is the owner and creative mind behind Metta Mindfulness + Meditation Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is also a therapist in private practice as well as an educator and consultant for public and private organizations. She teaches Mindfulness for UCLA, Compassion Cultivation Training for Stanford, Mindful Self-Compassion for The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion as well as a mentor for students in UCLA's TMF program. She is a passionate human being who cares deeply and dedicates her life to sharing tools for healing, health & happiness.


Becca Peters, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mindfulness & Compassion Educator, Organizational Consultant and the owner and creative mind behind Metta Mindfulness + Meditation Center, LLC a private psychotherapy and Mindful Living center founded with an Eastern and Western combined therapeutic approach. She incorporates mindfulness practices along with evidence-based clinical interventions offering a holistic approach to healing and living. Her approach demystifies painful sensations and provides tools for you to move into deep inquiry rather than abandonment of difficult emotions and experiences. The ultimate therapeutic goal is to reduce suffering and increase joy and connection with yourself and with the people in your life. This compassionately sustainable approach guides you from the inside-out; meaning you learn to understand yourself intrinsically so that you may identify clear choices and select the best path for healing while cultivating a new relationship with yourself and others.

Formal Education

Becca Peters earned a BS in Psychology with a minor in French while studying at the University of California Santa Barbara and then completed the degree at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. She furthered her education in graduate school earning a Master’s Degree Cum Laude in Clinical Social Work from the University of Utah with expertise in working with children and adults. Her excellent training with children came from her work as a research assistant and family therapist under Dr. Doug Goldsmith at The Children’s Center as well as her role as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for the Guardian ad Litem in Salt Lake City. Her previous career was in the field of Corporate Finance which ultimately brought her from the fast-paced financial industry of Beverly Hills, CA to the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City, UT. Additionally, as a way to respond to the growing research supporting yoga and meditation having a direct and positive impact on reducing stress, Becca earned a 500-hour yoga instructor certificate further informing her holistic approach to cultivating whole- person wellness.

UCLA INSTRUCTOR: In 2013 she was invited to join a select group of 30 mindfulness practitioners from the US and Mexico to participate in an intensive program at UCLA to further her expertise of mindfulness facilitation with individuals and groups. UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center explores scientific studies and mindfulness practices that offer self-reflection tools to ease personal suffering. She completed the program and was invited to teach UCLA'S evidence-based Mindful Awareness Practice I Course (MAP's) at her Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then, she has accepted an additional position with UCLA MARC as a professional Mindfulness Mentor to students enrolled in the Intensive Practice Program (IPP). IPP is a 10 month program which provides a cohesive mindfulness practice and study course for dedicated students who wish to deepen their personal mindfulness practice in a supportive community.

STANFORD INSTRUCTOR: In 2014, Becca completed a post graduate program through Stanford University’s CCARE program in Compassion Cultivation Training, which is house in the School of Medicine. “Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) is an 8-week educational program designed to help you improve your resilience and feel more connected to others — ultimately providing an overall sense of well-being." A select group of Meditation practitioners from all over the world were invited to come together to study and offer the CCT evidence-based curriculum. Becca is deeply honored to offer STANFORD's Compassion Cultivation Training class in Salt Lake City on an on-going basis.

Becca is a dedicated meditation and mindfulness practitioner and a forever student committed to the study of Buddhism.

Additionally, Becca has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Utah Graduate School of Social work teaching Mindfulness in Psychotherapy. This is a dynamic and experiential method of sharing mindfulness practices with soon-to-be graduates in the field of social work and mental health.

As a native of Southern California, she enjoys trips to the ocean with her husband and daughter as well as hiking behind their home in the foothills of Salt Lake City. When not working, you may find Becca stand up paddle boarding or swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez.

Metta translates to “loving-kindness” which is the foundation of Becca’s approach. You are invited to a wonderful journey of self exploration…

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Becca Peters, LSCW is an educator in Mindfulness, Meditation, Compassion + Self-Compassion

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